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Recruiting Economy: The Recent Economic Insights for Talent Acquisition

As rumors of a U.S. recession proliferate throughout media outlets and corporate boardrooms alike, the imperative for recruiters to dissect and comprehend the nuances of the recruiting economy has never been more critical. The landscape of talent acquisition ebbs and flows with economic currents, and understanding these shifts is not merely beneficial—it is essential for […]

Highlights of the Global Talent Trends Report

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The Global Talent Trends Report offers valuable insights into the ever-changing dynamics of the workforce, providing actionable strategies for businesses to thrive. As businesses compete to attract and retain top talent, understanding and leveraging the key takeaways from the Global Talent Trends Report can make all the difference. This report delves deep into the current […]

What are the longterm impacts of the layoffs in tech?

Introduction: In recent years, tech layoffs have become an unfortunately common sight across many industries with some companies predicting more job losses as soon as 2023. This has left many tech firms wondering what this means for their talent and how they should move forward. In this blog, we will be unpacking the impact that […]

What impact will the layoffs in Tech have on the industry?

During the past year, tech layoffs have become commonplace – particularly in recent months as big and small businesses alike had to scale back after hitting a peak of profits throughout this pandemic. While it’s clear that countless newly unemployed tech employees are searching for their next gigs, what isn’t certain is where exactly they will end up.

Economist believe tech layoffs to surpass Great Recession

In 2008, 65,000 tech employees lost their jobs; this number was mirrored in 2009 according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas only global outplacement and career transitioning firm. By comparison, 965 tech companies laid off more than 150,000 employees this year globally, surpassing the Great Recession levels of 2008-2009. Notable tech companies, such as Amazon, Twitter, […]

Update: Economy slumping, Hiring isn’t slowing down

The U.S. economy shrank during the first half of the year as consumer sentiment plummeted with rumors of high inflation and turmoil abroad. There were also a few big corporate names that slashed thousands of jobs but the U.S. job market did not miss a beat. U.S. employers announced only 20,485 layoffs in August, the […]

Ok, I’m tired of hearing “Quiet Quitting”

I was kind of digging the trendy new names for the eras we were experiencing in recruiting. Unlike boring titles like the Bronze or Silver Age, we got great ones like: Great Rethinks, Resignations, and Corrections. But now, I’m over them-especially when they’re coined to put a negative connotation on some of the few bright spots that came […]

Recruiting News Update: What’s happening and what to do about it

Here’s your around the world in two minutes! 🍻 and 🚬 tell a story The high rate of inflation has forced American consumers of both alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to shift away from Budweiser and Marlboro and toward cheaper, lower-priced brands like Icehouse and Eagle 20, according to one report. Retailers are reporting customers […]

Recruiting Economic Update-The confusing numbers and what they mean for recruiters.

If you are confused by the weird, contradictory signals that are being sent out about the American economy at this moment, you are not alone. Typically, the challenge during recessions is businesses do not want to hire, and consumers do not want to spend. Right now, businesses want to hire, but they cannot find workers to […]

Recruiting Economy News: Beer, Cigarettes, The Mighty Dollar and more

I know recruiters are busy, especially now with the turmoil in the industry including higher requisition counts, lower candidates in the pool and inflation driving demand for higher pay higher. Since I’m a giver, I thought I’d provide a quick summary of some key economic news affecting recruiters. 🍻 and 🚬 tell a story The […]