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High Performance Recruiting Communication: The Power of Bursty Communication

When it comes to high-performance recruiting communication, the preferred method is “bursty communication” and can be a game-changer. This communication style, balancing collaboration with individual work, is perfectly suited for dynamic environments. It emphasizes short, intense periods of interaction followed by strategic silence, enhancing productivity and respecting individual work styles. Bursty communication strikes a balance […]

5 Signs of a High Performance Recruiting Team

Do you want to ensure success within your recruiting team? Of course, every organization does. High performance teams are the gold standard in organizational behavior and can take any business to new heights of achievement if managed correctly. But how do you know when your team is performing at its best?

It’s easy to get comfortable with a certain level of productivity and miss signs that may be indicating that more could be done. Here are five surefire signs of a high performance recruiting team and how to determine if your team meets the definition!