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The August Numbers are In…. It’s not looking good!

The US economy created the fewest jobs in seven months in August as the hiring stalled in the leisure and hospitality industries and a resurgence in infections weighed on demand for in markets like restaurants and hotels that have been driving most of the hiring. August employment report show the US economy added 235,000 jobs […]

Create an Effective Diversity Recruiting Strategy-My Advice in 30 Minutes

Diversity and Inclusion is one topic I am incredibly passionate about. According to, 50% of recruiters surveyed indicated they will make Diversity a priority in their 2021 recruiting strategy. I’ve had the opportunity to speak on several panels and key notes recently and one question most often asked is, “How do I get started?” Here is how I would create an effective diversity recruiting strategy.

What Schitt’s Creek taught us about Diversity and Inclusion

I’ll admit it: I’m a fan of the series Schitt’s Creek. I stumbled upon the series one rainy weekend and binged the first three seasons without realizing it. It became my go-to show on the nights I just wanted to relax and laugh at the shenanigans the characters encountered in every episode. After watching the Netflix documentary on the show, I came to appreciate the intent of the show, especially its message around diversity and inclusion. I’ve spent some time reflecting on what Schitt’s Creek taught us about Diversity and Inclusion.