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Recruiting Ai: Expectations vs. Reality (RecruitingDaily)

As a TA leader I am always trying find efficiencies in the process, the first thing I’m going to look at is AI and machine learning. What I’m finding in the, in the industry is that it’s feast or famine. You have people out there that will have 16 different products that all do the same thing. Because they just they want to test something new. If you listen closely, a lot of the AI and machine learning vendors all say that they do the same things.

Increase Recruiting Productivity with

As a recruiting leader, I am obsessed with how to increase recruiting productivity. One of my fascinations lately is how we can leverage AI in Recruiting to increase productivity. I was fortunate enough to connect with Mark D’Angelo with recently to talk about their product. This is not an endorsement of but rather a sneak peak at the awesome opportunities we have ahead if we begin using AI in Recruiting to increase productivity.