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What we’ve learned during the Great Resignation

When the term “Great Resignation” first hit the job circuit, many of us felt in our gut it would have a major impact on an already complicated talent market. I do not think anyone could imagine the seismic shift in the workforce most companies experienced during the summer of 2021 and beyond. Estimates show nearly […]

The Four Dysfunctions of Recruiting

The recruiting industry has changed a lot over 16 years. When I began, LinkedIn wasn’t a thing, so I had to call into banks to build lists of talent to target. I couldn’t just ping someone on LinkedIn and have their resume at my fingertips. It was hard work in the beginning, but I freaking […]

Four Things a Recruiter Should Do Every Day

The life of a recruiter is chaotic, regardless of the market. The constant pull of candidates, hiring managers and laborious HR processes can take a toll on focus and productivity of even the best recruiters. I’m obsessed with being able to go to sleep at night feeling like I accomplished my goals so I tend […]

Here’s what’s worse than the Great Resignation

The Talent Acquisition industry continues to battle for talent in an increasingly tight market. Companies have been forced to reevaluate the emphasis on retention as many struggle to attract talent in a market where non-industry competitors are upping the stakes. Many point to the Great Resignation as the driving force behind the labor shortage but Emsi recently released data that should have most in the labor market terrified.

Recruiting Metrics: Are you focusing on the right bullet holes?

The term “War for Talent” has been around for the last two decades, but many recruiters feel as though they’re in a real fight for their life. Many recruiters return from the talent battlefield beaten, exhausted and with torn armor, to face a barrage of data demands from their leaders. In these moments of exhaustion, […]

What can recruiters learn from Tesla process efficiency?

Whether you’re a full-time recruiter or working independently, you might be wondering how to improve your recruiting efforts so you can more accurately hire the right talent. One of the most frustrating parts of recruiting is the sometimes laborious recruiting process that loses candidates, prolongs the process and creates havoc in the candidate experience. There […]

Is 2022 the Year of the Recruiter?

Talent… it has been the most talked about term in business for the last two years. FINALLY, organizations have changed the long held view of talent as an expense and begun valuing it as the key driver of success. With all of the emphasis on attracting and retaining top talent, is 2022 the year of […]

Do you want to increase hiring in 2022? Look at these 2 areas for a quick start!

I was excited when 2020 ended, hoping that most of the pandemic and economic woes would be behind us. Well, 2021 brought on a new batch of economic constraints and variants to COVID. Many leaders are still struggling to fill critical roles in their organizations and have hope that 2022 will bring some relief to […]