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3 Questions Candidates Should Answer-Even if they aren’t asked

Have you ever wondered what questions candidates should answer? Standing out as a candidate is no longer just about having the right qualifications and experience. It’s about demonstrating a deep understanding of the role, the company, and how you can contribute to its success. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into three pivotal questions that […]

Is it a Recruiter’s job to find you the “Dream Job” or do those really exist?

In a recent story Let’s lose the idea of a ‘dream job’, Author Rainesford Stauffer said candidates need to let go of the expectation, or fantasy, that we will find fulfillment through our work. Some recruiters lead cold emails or calls with hyperbole like, ‘Are you looking for your dream job’ or ‘Here’s the next step in your dream career’. Maybe I’m a little too cynical but I am not one who believes it is a recruiters job to find someone their “Dream Job”. Why? It isn’t because they don’t exist, it’s more because the definition of ‘dream job’ is different for everyone.

The Right Way to Ask for a Raise

Believe it or not, you’re not the only one paralyzed by the thought of scheduling time with your manager to discuss compensation. If you’re unsure on how exactly to ask for what you are worth, let’s discuss the right way to ask for a raise.

How to keep going when you didn’t get the job!

If you are currently dealing with the grief associated with not getting the job, just know you’re not alone. All of us have struggled with it in our career but how you respond to the situation can help you launch into an opportunity you were destined for. So again, to quote the bar song everyone knows: Don’t Stop Believing!

Learning when it’s time to walk away

Whether in your personal or professional life, determining when you should walk away can sometimes feel overwhelming. The constant back and forth of should you or shouldn’t you can affect all aspects of your life including your health, productivity and focus. So what are some of the warning signs you should walk away? You feel […]