How COVID19 changed our Candidate Experience and Diversity Strategy

Candidate experience and Diversity Recruiting are two areas I obsess over in my role. These two areas can dramatically affect the brand image as well as the level of talent brought to any organization. As COVID19 continues to affect all areas of recruiting, I’ve been intrigued with how it has forced us to revisit how we can impact both the candidate experience and diversity recruiting in a positive way.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Max Notis on the RAP podcast about how our strategy and execution in these two areas have changed as a result of COVID19. You’ll hear in the podcast just how passionate I feel about the importance of deepening relationships brings more value to diversity recruiting than simply showing up at diverse career fairs. Learn more about how I use data to pinpoint our potential opportunities and how we use data to start the diversity conversation.

Max and I also go into some of my favorite tools toward the end of the podcast but I spend more time on how we leverage Sprint Recruiting to transform our processes and allocation of resources.

I will also be speaking at the upcoming free virtual conference, RAC: Talent First on October 1st. We hope to see you there, and hope you enjoy the show!

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