How to use a Real-Time Job Posting Response to COVID-19

COVID-19’s effect on the United States over the last several weeks has been traumatic and overwhelming for recruiters. As a recruiting leader, it has become even more critical for me to leverage data to make decisions in this new environment. My friends at Emsi shared a new tool they’ve developed a dashboard to show job postings in real-time as a response to COVID-19.

The Emsi dashboard can track the trends of job postings by day, week or month. This helps me keep an eye on what the market is doing in some of my key target talent areas. As my organization continues to evaluate our staffing plans in the midst of this crisis, this tool gives me a unique view to how our competitors are responding to the crisis in response to COVID-19.

The simplicity of this tool and the comparative data available allows you to leverage real-time data has allowed me to make quicker, more informed decisions. As you can see from example above, you can leverage the drop-down menus to explore the postings by industry, occupation, skills, etc. I’ve found it helpful to leverage the Company option to better understand how my biggest competitors are reacting to the COVID-19 market change.

The ability to compare year over year changes in the postings is also insightful. I have found myself suffering from what I can the New Normal Goggles, losing sight that when this crisis is over, hiring trends will spike to normal levels. This feature also allows me to see which occupations are most impacted by the COVID-19 hiring crisis.

Emsi’s job posting dashboard offers real-time insights into how COVID-19 is affecting the U.S. economy. With so much uncertainty in the world right now, I have found this data incredibly helpful and think you will too.

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Published by Trent Cotton

I joined the HR industry in 2004 after working as a sales leader in the Financial Services Industry for eight years. After spending his first couple of years in HR trying to fit in, I found my voice. Now I leverage all of the things I once hated about HR to become a consultant and invaluable partner to the businesses I support. My passion to lead, innovate and engage the HR industry. I use my blog at to reach thousands of readers and provides unique insights into a range of HR and business topics. I currently write for and I contribute to the HRGazzette and to DataDrivenInvestor on Medium. WARNING: my writing style is raw and in your face, not what you would expect from an HR executive. Connect with me on LinkedIn at or on Twitter @TrentCotton.

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