How Can AI Transform Recruiting?

Is anyone else getting tired of the “Artificial Intelligence will enslave humanity” plot line most movies have had over the last decade? The Matrix. I, Robot. Terminator. What do all of these movies have in common? The evil character is Artificial Intelligence, bent to enslave the human race.

Unfortunately, there is a huge segment of the recruiting industry that views AI in a similar way. They begin running like Chicken Little, convinced the sky is falling but recruiting should be the one industry at the forefront, implementing AI into as many process and systems as we can.

Matt Fischer, President and CTO at Bullhorn recently wrote a piece for about the possibilities of AI in recruiting. According to Bullhorn’s Global Recruitment Insights and Data for North America, only 27 percent of recruiters are prioritizing investment in digital transformation to improve their operations. That’s a dismal number for our industry.

I wrote a piece on how I believe AI will not replace HR. So, being the nerd I am, I thought it’s time to address how AI can revolutionize how recruiters work. Here’s how AI could transform recruiting.

AI in recruiting
Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

The dedicated sourcer

One of the constant struggles for successful recruiters is there are only so many hours in the day to source quality candidates. Sure, there are ways to save your Google or LinkedIn searches but AI could definitely take sourcing to another level.

Not only could the AI could aid recruiters by learning what successful candidate looks like. Over time, the AI tool could continuously refine its search to bring you only the best, making your life easier and giving you time back.

The Co-Interviewer

Imagine having an AI prompt you to ask certain screening questions based on a candidate’s interest in the job. In Matt Fischer’s article on , he mentions the ability for AI to one day be able to rate the answers given by the candidate and suggest additional jobs you could sell the candidate on.

I welcome the idea of an AI assistant to look for things I can’t see in a candidate while also helping me keep engaged talent looking at other opportunities open with my firm. I can’t count the number of times I’ve hung up with a candidate, only to realize hours later I should have talked to them about another job I was working on.

With AI in recruiting, we could say goodbye to those missed opportunities!

The Ultimate Recruiting Coordinator

I love my recruiting coordinators but I often think of how mundane a lot of their tasks have to be. (And thank God they do them for me.) When decisions have to be made regarding allocations of funds for headcount, I always struggle between putting the additional position in the recruiting coordinator role or adding another recruiter.

With AI, I could finally have a more cost effective alternative. Recruiters who embrace the use of AI and machine learning recognize many of the tasks of recruiting coordinators could be streamlined and automated. This increases efficiencies in the recruiting process and the candidate experience.

My hope would be as AI begins “taking over” more of these automated functions, we could leverage our recruiting coordinators to become less operational and function more like a concierge.

The next time you hear a speaker talk about AI in recruiting or read an article about the subject, don’t go all Chicken Little! Recruiting could benefit substantially by partnering with AI for the reasons I listed above and so many more.

That’s right…. I’m not done with this subject!

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