Introduction to Sprint Recruiting

Traditional recruiting is sometimes the very definition of insanity. You get a job, you search for candidates, conduct interviews, place the candidate, they quit, and the cycle repeats. Numerous issues and landmines frequent the journey for the recruiters searching for the best talent. Sprint Recruiting helps prioritize the work, keep your focus and enables you to kick ass!

Unmanaged Expectations

Hiring managers can be unrealistic but in many cases, this is the recruiter’s fault. In an effort to please and dazzle our hiring managers, we rarely manage their expectations. Sure, it can be confrontational but if you are not defining the process with your hiring managers, you will fall prey to their expectations. 

Let’s not forget the job description of the purple squirrel that every manager dreams up. They want someone with all of these skills and experience with a budget that would barely afford a recent college graduate. Most of us kick into the “I’m going to rock your world” mindset and become hell bent on finding that elusive candidate.

Meanwhile, hiring managers wait like a disgruntled old person in the line at the DMV. Why?

Clear expectations were not set by the recruiter on the front end.

Talent Shortage

The truly sexy, in demand jobs are the toughest because there are usually ten firms looking for that talent. Recruiters are feverishly working to find the talent, engage them in the selection process and in some cases, convince the hiring manager the talent is actually the right person for the job.

There are some serious challenges ahead including talent shortages, skills gaps and location issues.  If that doesn’t stress you out then globalization should.  Companies are fighting for talent in a candidate driven market.  Candidates are now savvier and more educated about the companies they want to work for.   

Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report suggests that only 67% of the recruiters search for candidates with relevant job experience. There is a shift in many companies, including my current employer, to search more based on competencies and acumen versus relevant job experience.  Finding the right employee that fits the criteria makes the hiring procedure a daunting task if you are still recruiting using the traditional methodology.

The Process

I’ve worked for several medium and large corporations and one thing is true in all of them:

There’s no such thing as an easy hiring process.

Most of this is due to regulations, antiquated hiring protocols, untrained managers etc. The obstacles are real but rarely addressed.  After all, we have to be polite and not let anyone in the process get their feelings hurt right?

How Sprint Recruiting Helps

Sprint Recruiting brings the AGILE methodology to recruiting to allow for quicker and more efficient hiring. The sprints give the recruiting time to stop and evaluate the needed analytics to make hiring smarter and not harder. The Sprint Recruiting methodology follows 3 rules:

Our team has found that with Sprint Recruiting, we have more time to spend on the data analytics in recruiting that will make us the consultants our clients deserve.

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Published by Trent Cotton

I joined the HR industry in 2004 after working as a sales leader in the Financial Services Industry for eight years. After spending his first couple of years in HR trying to fit in, I found my voice. Now I leverage all of the things I once hated about HR to become a consultant and invaluable partner to the businesses I support. My passion to lead, innovate and engage the HR industry. I use my blog at to reach thousands of readers and provides unique insights into a range of HR and business topics. I currently write for and I contribute to the HRGazzette and to DataDrivenInvestor on Medium. WARNING: my writing style is raw and in your face, not what you would expect from an HR executive. Connect with me on LinkedIn at or on Twitter @TrentCotton.

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